Troop 26

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Month: February, 2012

Greenbar Notes (2/27)


These are notes and announcements from the Greenbar meeting of February 27:

Please bring back all gear from the weekend trip. It is important that we get everything back, especially since we have many big trips coming up, namely Havasupai. Also, start thinking about menu plans for spring break.

Scouting for Food is coming up this weekend (March 3) and next weekend (March 10). Pick up this year will be a bit different. We will be carrying the food from the church to the food bank, so bring your backpacks and make sure they’re empty. This will count as participation for day hikes. Please find out if you can help before the next troop meeting so we can get an estimate of how much we can do.

OA elections will be held next week, Tuesday 6. To be voted for, you must be both eligible (ask yoda) and present at the meeting.

Roundtable is Thursday, March 8. Troop 26 will be presenting the orienteering station for campore. This is not a required event.

The District Dinner will be held on March 16. We will likely be holding a flag ceremony. If you are interested please talk to the SPL.

Philmont: We will be deciding on the specific trek in the next 2 weeks. If you are going, see the SPL to look through the trek guide from last time.

Come to the meeting tomorrow.


Matilija Campout Reminder

Matilija Waterfall

Matilija Advancement Reminder

I just wanted to send a quick reminder to those scouts who are going on the trip this weekend: since the drive is pretty short and the hike is also short (4.1 miles), this will be a great opportunity to get somewhere between several and many sign-off’s completed. However, for this to be a success, you are going to need to do three things first…

1) Take a few minutes to see what requirements your are lacking for the next rank/1st Class. BE PREPARED.

2) Read over the pertinent information in your Handbook for the sign-off’s that you want to do. That means if you want to get the First Aid sign-off’s, you should already know the answers for what do do in case of a snake-bite, rather than guess at them while talking with a leader. If you want to make a “useful” camp gadget, you should already know your lashings AND remember to bring your rope. BE PREPARED.

3) Bring your Handbook so you get a record of the sign-off. Coming to a leader a month later asking to be signed-off in your book (“But I was grubmaster on Beartrap.”) will NOT end well for you. BE PREPARED.

Keep in mind that March’s outing is the Grand Canyon and April is Camporee, so the next real opportunity to do sign-off, especially the ones that can only be done on a trip, won’t be until May. For a few of you that are “going” to Philmont, but are not yet 1st Class, the clock is ticking. You have a choice, spend your free time working on advancement OR coming up with a good explanation for your parent(s) as to why you aren’t going to Philmont, but are still out $1,000. Ask yourself, “Is Skyrim worth $1000?” Your choice.

To quote the sage, Mr. Shaw, “There are plenty of excuses, but no good ones.”

See you Saturday!

Assistant Scoutmaster Stewart

Well . . . There’s no snow


Where: Meet at Big 5 Parking Lot
3935 State Street @ 7:00 A.M.
When: Saturday Feb 25 and 26
What: Backpacking Trip to Matilija Creek

Unfortunately the snow did not come in time, but we will have a great backpacking trip this weekend. We will be hiking to the Matilija Creek area north of Ojai. The troop has not been to this area since 2007.
We will be meeting at the Big 5 parking lot at 7:00 A.M. Please remember to pack a sack lunch for Saturday. We will be returning by 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.

There will be a $5.00 transportation fee.

If you already paid for the snow trip the fee will be kept in your account for future payments unless you request a refund check from Susan Swider.

I will have a packing list available at the Tuesday meeting and we will do gear and tent check-out.

You can also go to the troop website to see the overnight gear list:

Please contact Asst. Scoutmaster Pinner with any questions.

Hike to Inspiration Point and Seven Falls

On Saturday we hiked to Inspiration point, then continued on to Seven Falls where we ate lunch and explored.

We enjoyed a great view from our brief stop at the point looking down on the town we live to call home

Our destination was a small rock formation and pools of crystal clear water.