Mt. Langley Information and Packing List

by troop26

Troop 26 – Mount Langley Summit Trip

13-16 July 2012

Download the packing list. 


There aren’t many places that we can hike that will take us to the height of Mt. Langley.  Located just south of Mt. Whitney and with its summit resting at 14,023 feet, it is one of the 12 peaks in California that exceed 14,000 feet in elevation.  On a clear day, people have reported being able to see as far away as the San Gabriel mountains near LA.  The air gets thin at this altitude so reaching the summit will be quite an accomplishment.  Mountain weather is always changing and difficult to predict.  We will be assessing the conditions and deciding to summit only if we can do so safely.  As with all mountain peaks, you can expect it to be very windy so you must be prepared to stay warm.  If you do not have the correct gear, in good condition, you will not be allowed to summit.


We will be driving from Santa Barbara to the Eastern Sierra InterAgency Visitor Center in Lone Pine to pickup our wilderness permits.  Eat a good breakfast Friday morning and we’ll plan to eat our sack lunches in Lone Pine.  From there, we’ll drive to the Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead at ~10,000’ elevation.  We’ll camp at the trailhead Friday night in order to start acclimating to the altitude. Because of our total number (29) we will be separating into 2 groups that will hike and camp separately, but will be close enough to communicate.   Saturday morning we’ll eat breakfast and then hike ~6 miles to the Cottonwood Lakes Basin and make camp at one of the lakes at ~11,000’ and continue the acclimating process.  Sunday morning we rise early, eat breakfast, take our lunches and gear in daypacks and hike ~4 miles to the summit via New Army Pass.  After we summit, we’ll hike back to our campsite, eat dinner and spend the night. Monday morning we’ll eat breakfast, break camp and hike to the trailhead.  This will be a long hike over the 4 days (18 miles) at altitude, over 10,000’ the entire time, so good physical conditioning is important.  From the trailhead, we’ll drive back to Santa Barbara, stopping en route for a well deserved pizza dinner.

Meeting Time and Place

Big Five parking lot at 7:00 am Friday, 13 July 2012.

  • Class A Uniform – we’ll be wearing our uniforms during the car ride to the trailhead
  • Bring a sack lunch for Friday – good food to start storing energy for the hike
  • Drive time to Lone Pine is roughly 5 hours with a stop in Mojave halfway.
  • Return to Santa Barbara about 8 pm Monday night.  Drivers will deliver scouts to St. Mark church and scouts will call parents roughly 1 hour before arriving at the church.
  • We will be camping in prime bear country.  All food and smellables will be stored in bear cans.
  • Cooking will be done by cook groups within each hiking group.  All food including hiking snacks will be provided by the troop.
  • Bring everything on the equipment list (backside of this sheet) and make sure its in good condition.  You will not summit without the proper gear.
  • Be prepared for severe and quick changing mountain weather:  This includes high winds (30+ mph), rain, and snow as well as bright, hot sun (hat and sunscreen!)
  • Contact Mr. Shaw at 683-2512(h) or 570-3853 (c) with any questions.