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Calendar Planning Meetings [late post]

Hey everyone. This bulletine from the Scoutmasters got buried in my email, but half the information is still relevant. See y’all (ONLY GREENBAR) on Tuesday.


Just a reminder to all scouts and parents that there will NOT be regular troop meetings for the next 2 weeks (Aug 14 and 21).  Instead, the Greenbar will be meeting on those nights, at the church, from  7 – 8:30 pm, to plan the troop’s calendar for the next year.  If you are in the current Greenbar, please attend wearing your freshly laundered class A uniform and bring with you the suggestions from the troop on where we should hike and camp for the next scouting year (Oct ’12 – Sept ’13).




Scoutmaster Shaw


Final Philmont Reminders

This is it! Troop 26 leaves for Philmont tomorrow. We are meeting at the Santa Barbara Train station @ 12 noon on Saturday, July 28th. Months and months of preparation (not to mention loads and loads of money- in unrelated news, REI is doing very well…) and planning are coming to fruition. However, as you finally get away from your parents for the next two weeks, we ask one final thing…


When your parents drop you off at the train tomorrow, please have them park and come check in with either Mr. Shaw and/or Mr. Stewart. There is one final Philmont form that must be signed by a “responsible” adult. Not that you were necessarily planning on a long, tear-filled goodbye, but I know the temptation to just have your parents slow down a bit, open a door and “Tuck and roll” your way to freedom.




Asst. Scoutmaster Stewart

Philmont Reminders, etc.

Philmont Trekkers,

The attached file contains information on the trip that we discussed during our orientation meeting several weeks ago.  The packing list for Philmont is located in your 2012 Philmont booklet or online at the Philmont Scout Ranch website. Some adjustments to their packing list: bring 3 water bottles (no need for 4), no need for the fishing license, bring a small amount of personal toilet paper and a trowel and bring personal sunscreen and insect repellant.  I’ll have  handouts tomorrow night for everyone and we can discuss any questions at that time.

Also, the Philmont T-shirts arrived today so I’ll bring them to the meeting for distribution!

-Scoutmaster Shaw

I will try to upload the schedule later tonight or tomorrow.

The Philmont schedule and information can be found either here.

Greenbar Cancelled (7/23)

The Greenbar meeting scheduled for tomorrow, July 23, has been canceled by Scoutmaster Shaw.

Given the only troop meeting in August is after the August Greenbar meeting, I’m cancelling tomorrow night’s July Greenbar meeting so I can focus on final planning for the Philmont trip. Please contact me with any questions and, in case they don’t read this email, let your fellow Greenbar members know the meeting is canceled.

-Scoutmaster Shaw

The regular Tuesday night meeting will be held as usual, in preparation for our trip to Philmont.

Volunteers needed for July 4th! Break down and set up of chairs and tables.

Looking for Volunteers July 4th

Troop 26 will be setting up and removing chairs and  tables for the 4th of July parade this Wednesday.

Set up will begin at 9:00 AM  Meet in front of the Veterans Hall located at 112 W. Cabrillo Blvd.  The set up  should take about 1 1/2 hours.

Breakdown will be directly  following the the parade  at approximately 1:30 PM. Meet at State St. and Arrellaga  St.

Break down will also take about 1 1/2 hours. We will follow the end of  the parade removing chairs, tables, and recycling containers.

I need two teams of scouts (4 to 6 scouts for each shift and one parent), a morning and an afternoon shift.

Community service hours are available for this project.

Troop participation credit for 1 day if you work both shifts.

Please wear your uniform. 

A generous donation of $250 has been  made to our troop for this project in the past.

If you need additional Troop 26 participation, please contact Mr. Pinner.  He is doing a BSA South Coast District event during the parade and you can participate in both events and earn additional participation.  He can be reached a or 448-8760

Any Questions:

Please Contact,  Jim Hirsch 563-0549 Hm or 570-4551 cell

Please let me  know if you plan to attend

Thank you for your help,

Jim Hirsch

Final Notes and Reminders Before Summercamp

Hey everyone. Sorry for getting this up so late. There is a lot of information. Read what you can. The following is from Scoutmaster Stewart:

This is it… Summer Camp @ Mataguay Scout Ranch is THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 24th! We will meet @ Big five @ 8 AM. Please be prompt, as there is a lot that needs to happen before we can hit the road, but if everyone is there on time, we can get it all done in a short period of time.

This is shaping up to be a fantastic week of camp. Currently our scouts are signed up for over 100 Merit Badges (!), with over half the troop doing Aviation and/or Horsemanship. While it may be unrealistic to expect everyone to earn everything, that’s still an impressive plan. The weather is currently predicted *not* to be brutal, so that’s another “win” for the troop.

As usual, our call was heard and we’ve had enough drivers step forward to get our scouts both to and from camp. I’m listing the drivers I am expecting along with the number of available seats for scouts.

To: Hector Acuna (3), Bruce Belfiore (6), Paul Johnson (5), Bonnie Rich (5), & Michael Ensign (3).

From: Hector Acuna (3), Mark Baird (5), Andy Barrad (5), Michael Ensign (1), Jim Hirsch (6). Please arrange your schedule to arrive at camp a little before 10 AM.

For those bringing scouts back and planning on taking advantage of Family Night on Friday, dinner is scheduled to be served at 6:15 PM, right after evening colors. You should plan on arriving prior to then to allow you to both find parking and the troop. Also, please don’t forget to bring your own tent, as there will likely not be any “spare” beds for you.

Family Dinner

“Families of the campers are invited up to camp Friday evening to have dinner with their Scouts and stay for the Closing Campfire later that night. This is a great chance for parents to check out the camp and campers to introduce their parents to their favorite staffer. Dinner is $5 for those ages five and older, and free for anyone under 5. Please let your Scoutmaster know that you will be coming up prior to camp. If you plan to stay the night, please bring a tent or make arrangements with your unit.”

Finally, is your scout is signed up for Aviation ($45) and/or Horsemanship ($25), those both have larger than normal fees associated with them. You may send additional cash with your scout to cover those, or you may send check(s) made out to “BSA” or “San Diego-Imperial Council.” If your scout is doing both, I would recommend sending separate checks so the camp has to do as little “thinking” as possible.

Asst. Scoutmaster Stewart (AKA Professor Red-Beard)

Here is some other important info for you (parents) and your scout(s):

1) Drop-off is @ 8 AM in the Big-5 parking lot Sunday, June 24th. Please be on time so we can get organized, loaded up, and hit the road by as close to 8:30 AM as possible. Set multiple alarms if necessary and be sure to have a good breakfast before arriving. The camp is located about 4 hours away, and the earlier we get there and get checked in, the better. We also want to let our drop-off drivers have plenty of time to get home (or have a nice evening in San Diego?).

2) Be sure to have a sack-lunch; the first meal served at camp will be Sunday dinner. This is your last chance for ‘home cooking’ for a week. Take advantage. In an effort to be kind to our drivers and their vehicles, please refrain from eating until we get to camp. There’s nothing worse that someone volunteering their time and car to the troop, to then have to spend another hour cleaning up after you.

3) Travel to and from camp (as well as flag ceremonies and meals in camp) will be in full Class-A uniform: Scout shorts, Scout shirt, scout socks, neckerchief, and red beret. If you do not have a beret, you will receive one the first night at camp.

4) Daily life uniform will be Class-B: scout shorts, Troop 26 (or other Scouting related) T-shirt, and Troop 26 hat. NO open-toed shoes or “logo” t-shirts.

5) Pack your gear in a duffle bag (No framed backpacks) clearly labeled with your name and Troop 26. Duct tape works well for this. Scouts are not going to need much gear other than clothes and a sleeping bag. We’re not going to need stoves, cook-kits, water pumps, etc… This is camping at its cooshiest. Space in cars for gear will also probably be tight, so let’s not pack a ton of unnecessary extras.

6) Bring a daypack. We will be taking *at least* one day-hike and you will need something to carry your 10-hiking essentials (always required on Troop 26 outings). Also, it will be very handy to carry your merit badge papers/supplies/projects around with you during the day, not to mention your lunch on the way there.

7) I highly recommend that every boy at least read over the requirements for the merit badges that he is planning on taking at camp, so he knows what to expect. I know there are several scouts signed up for Swimming, which requires an old set of long pants and long-sleeved shirt for making improvised floatation devices, as well as shoes that can get fully wet (bring a spare pair). You can find the requirements for every badge here (

8) If the merit badges you have signed up for have pre-requisites, it is your responsibility to make sure these are completed prior to camp. If they are not, then you will receive a “partial.” Then you will need to find a local councilor to complete the remaining requirements for the badge.

9) Spending money is at your discretion, but odds are good that if you send it, your scout will spend it. The only money a scout needs at camp is that to cover the cost of his merit badges. Most MB’s do not cost, but the shooting ones (Rifle/Shotgun/Archery), handicraft ones (Basketry/Leatherwork/Woodcarving/etc…), as well as Aviation and Horsemanship, have additional fees to cover various materials. The fess associated with the various badges are listed on the sign up sheet, so be sure to send enough to cover their choices. One of the leaders will serve as a banker for the boys to try to… aid in their management of funds, and prevent over-spending early on.

10)UPDATE: The weather at Mataguay is currently in the low-to-mid 80’s during the day, and the low-to-mid 50’s at night. The days are very sunny, so be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen. Irrespective of the weather, all scouts will be required to take at least one shower (with soap) during the week. Swimming in the lake/pool most certainly does not count.

11)Check-out starts @ 8 AM on Saturday, June 30th. I would expect that the troop will be pretty ready to hit the road around 10 AM.If you are a return-trip driver please plan to arrive at camp by then, if not the night before.

12) Pick-up will be at St. Mark’s, hopefully sometime around 3 or 4 PM. Scouts will call home when we get to Ventura to give parents fair warning.

Good luck and have fun everyone. Summer camp is a blast!

Mt. Langley Reminder: Payments due this Tuesday

From Scoutmaster Shaw

As announced at last week’s meeting, the final payment of $75 is due at this week’s troop meeting, 19 June, for all those going on this trip.  The dates for the Mt. Langley trip are 13-16 July.  The total cost estimate for the trip is $100 and there was an initial $25 deposit way back in February when we had to secure the Wilderness Permits.  Please contact me with any questions.

Mandatory Meeting Philmont

From Scoutmaster Shaw

There will be a meeting for *ALL* Philmont participants during Tuesday night’s troop meeting, June 19th @ 7:30 PM @ St. Mark’s Church.  At least one parent is encouraged to attend. Scouts should already be attending the troop meeting.  This will be a short meeting where we will discuss: 1) what scouts should (and should NOT) bring with them to Philmont, 2) what will be expected of all scouts at Philmont, 3) our travel plans to and from Philmont and 4) forms that are in need of completion (i.e. Health Forms).  I will be handing out information pamphlets from Philmont and answering any questions.  If for some reason you will not be able to attend: 1) Please let me know, 2) Make sure you are completing the new 2011/2012 Health Forms during your physicals and 3) Let me know when you will be available as I plan to hold additional meetings as we get closer to our departure date of 28 July.   The final payment for Philmont of $380 is due on the 2nd of July.

Summer Camp Meeting Tomorrow (June 6): 7PM at the church. All Summer Camp Goers REQUIRED!!!

From Mr. Stewart:

Reminder: There is a meeting for *ALL* summer camp participants tomorrow, Wednesday June 6th @ 7 PM @ St. Mark’s Church. This will hopefully be a fairly short meeting where we will discuss:

1) what scouts should (and should NOT) bring with them to camp,

2) what will be expected of all scouts at camp,

3) forms that are in need of completion (i.e. Health Forms, Shooting Form, Glider Ride, etc…).

The final topic of the evening will be transportation logistics. I have managed to corner a few adults with regards to driving to/from camp, but we need more seats! Hopefully those I haven’t already pounced upon have just been waiting for this meeting to let me know that, of course, you can drive. In all seriousness, summer camp only works with the generous, selfless and stoic commitment of the parents of the troop. I always strive to only ask parents to drive one way (either to or from); the more volunteers I have, the easier this is.

If for some reason you will not be able to attend:

1) Please let me know,

2) Make an arrangement to get all necessary form to me ASAP,

3) Let me know which way(s) you are available to drive. See what i did there? I just volunteered you to drive via your absence.


Asst. Scoutmaster Stewart

From the Scoutmasters: In Case You Didn’t Know….

Merit beyond the badge

…”Eagle Scouts are a different breed.”

And now science has finally proved this as fact.

At last, the results are in from the 2010 Baylor University study, Eagle Scouts: Merit Beyond the Badge, conducted by the university’s Program for Pro-Social Behavior under a grant from the John Templeton Foundation.

The researchers found statistically significant differences between Eagle Scouts, former Scouts who didn’t make Eagle, and men who were never in Scouting. The differences were grouped into seven areas: Health and Recreation, Connection, Service and Leadership, Environmental Stewardship, Goal Orientation, Planning and Preparedness, and Character.

The timing’s perfect with the 100th anniversary of the Eagle Scout Award this year. But what were the findings? How did Eagle Scouts rate? Read on for my complete analysis.

Find the article here, and get motivated (to be different….)!