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UPDATE: Train Delay

Due to a recently derailed freight train, our LA bound train is running several hours late. As a result, we will be taking a later train, arriving around 3 PM. Hopefully the scouts have informed their parents about this change in schedule.


We survived!


Hey everyone! As the title of this post suggests, all 24 members that left for Philmont Scout Ranch two weeks ago survived the 11 day trek and are currently relaxing onboard the Southwest Chief Amtrak Superliner. At the time of this writing, the train was rolling out of Albuquerque station and we were enjoying the delicious deep dish pizza of Pizza 9 in Albuquerque.

We are currently scheduled to arrive in Santa Barbara at 12:48 PM (tomorrow).

Additionally, this Tuesday night will be our first planning meeting. Meet at the church at 7:00 PM in CLASS A.

Philmont Reminders, etc.

Philmont Trekkers,

The attached file contains information on the trip that we discussed during our orientation meeting several weeks ago.  The packing list for Philmont is located in your 2012 Philmont booklet or online at the Philmont Scout Ranch website. Some adjustments to their packing list: bring 3 water bottles (no need for 4), no need for the fishing license, bring a small amount of personal toilet paper and a trowel and bring personal sunscreen and insect repellant.  I’ll have  handouts tomorrow night for everyone and we can discuss any questions at that time.

Also, the Philmont T-shirts arrived today so I’ll bring them to the meeting for distribution!

-Scoutmaster Shaw

I will try to upload the schedule later tonight or tomorrow.

The Philmont schedule and information can be found either here.

Greenbar Cancelled (7/23)

The Greenbar meeting scheduled for tomorrow, July 23, has been canceled by Scoutmaster Shaw.

Given the only troop meeting in August is after the August Greenbar meeting, I’m cancelling tomorrow night’s July Greenbar meeting so I can focus on final planning for the Philmont trip. Please contact me with any questions and, in case they don’t read this email, let your fellow Greenbar members know the meeting is canceled.

-Scoutmaster Shaw

The regular Tuesday night meeting will be held as usual, in preparation for our trip to Philmont.

Social Media Update:

The Troop now has a twitter account. Follow us @troop_26. In addition, blog entries posted here should automatically repost to both the new Twitter account and our Facebook group.

Happy July! July 2012 Newsletter Now Available!

Hey everybody. I hope you all enjoyed summer camp and had a great time. Being the first of July, the newsletter is available. It can either be downloaded right here or back on the troop main page in the newsletter section.

Have a good July!

June 2012 Newsletter Now Available (and other news)

The June Newsletter can no be found over at the other site, or alternatively by clicking here.

Many scouts still have out standing Medical forms. Please have these signed, filled out and returned promptly. If you need the forms, they are available here (Official BSA Web page). These forms are essential for full participation in summer fun and activities.

If you are attending summer camp, there is a meeting on June 6 (one week from today) for a general orientation with the Scoutmasters and supervising adults.

Once again, congratulations to Aaron for being the newest Troop 26 1,000 mile hiker. If you want to be the next 1,000 mile hiker, join us this Saturday at 6:00 AM (at Big 5) for Alexander’s saddle (see previous post).

May 2012 Newsletter Now Availible

Hey all!

The May newsletter is now online and can be found either here or on the troop download page.

Thanks to everyone who joined us on the night hike last night. The moon was amazing.