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Azure Pools and Epic Falls

Last week, 41 members of Troop 26 traveled to Arizona for a spectacular half week trip to Havasu falls. While the true beauty of the canyon cannot be captured by any means, our troop photographer Aaron D. took it upon himself as a challenge to record the beauties we saw. Please find his gallery here.
If the link does not work for you, copy and past the following URL into your web browser:

Enjoy the photos!


Recap: We Scouted, We Found, We Carried


Well, in the week since SfF, I have had more homeworework than I could shake a stick at. Reguardless, here is the recap from last weekend’s event:

Report from the Troop Historian:

On Saturday, March 10, 2012, part of Troop 26 met in the parking lot of St. Mark United Methodist Church for picking up the bags of food from close by neighborhoods for the food bank. After the boys gathered the bags of food we gathered at the church again. When every car arrived with food we brought are packs out and filled it to about 50 or more pounds of food. When we were done packing each other’s pack we were briefed on where we were going. After that we started are walk/hike to the food bank, which was 1+ miles. We had a few looks from passer bys and some honks from some cars. But we made it without any trouble. When we got to the food bank we were told we had almost a ton of food in all. And the guy in charge said he didn’t think we would really walk/hike with all the food except the food in the truck we couldn’t carry. Sometime after everyone finished eating what we got from the people ate the food bank we headed back to the church to go home.

As most of you know, we chose to hike a significant amount of food from the church where we met to the food bank. The following lists the participating scouts and the weight they carried:

James T – 70 lbs

Mr. Stweart – 54 lbs

Max J – 49.3 lbs

Simone P. – 41.9 lbs

Riley B – 58.9 lbs

Andrew D – 44.2 lbs

Jeremiah S – 47.5 lbs

Duncan s – 48.3 lbs

Timmey H – 57 lbs

Steven T – 24.8 lbs

Jarrison B – 53.4 lbs

Sam J – 45.2 lbs

Sierra the Dog – 4.6 lbs

Jason T – 27.1 lbs

Mr. Johson – 56.9 lbs

Mr. Shaw – 76.5 lbs

Justin P – 68.36 lbs

King Pin – 46.2 lbs

Mr. T – 45.1

Grand Winner, Kevin S, with 99.63 lbs

Thank you to each of you. Collectively, we carried 1,020 lbs of food over 36 miles, or an average of 51 lbs per person for 1.8 miles.

Finally, I wanted to announce to everyone that we were on NoozHawk. Please read the article to show your support.

That should get every one all caught up. I apologize for being so busy and not being prompt.

Please look for Greenbar Notes in a few hours.


Hike to Inspiration Point and Seven Falls

On Saturday we hiked to Inspiration point, then continued on to Seven Falls where we ate lunch and explored.

We enjoyed a great view from our brief stop at the point looking down on the town we live to call home

Our destination was a small rock formation and pools of crystal clear water.