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Volunteers needed for July 4th! Break down and set up of chairs and tables.

Looking for Volunteers July 4th

Troop 26 will be setting up and removing chairs and  tables for the 4th of July parade this Wednesday.

Set up will begin at 9:00 AM  Meet in front of the Veterans Hall located at 112 W. Cabrillo Blvd.  The set up  should take about 1 1/2 hours.

Breakdown will be directly  following the the parade  at approximately 1:30 PM. Meet at State St. and Arrellaga  St.

Break down will also take about 1 1/2 hours. We will follow the end of  the parade removing chairs, tables, and recycling containers.

I need two teams of scouts (4 to 6 scouts for each shift and one parent), a morning and an afternoon shift.

Community service hours are available for this project.

Troop participation credit for 1 day if you work both shifts.

Please wear your uniform. 

A generous donation of $250 has been  made to our troop for this project in the past.

If you need additional Troop 26 participation, please contact Mr. Pinner.  He is doing a BSA South Coast District event during the parade and you can participate in both events and earn additional participation.  He can be reached a or 448-8760

Any Questions:

Please Contact,  Jim Hirsch 563-0549 Hm or 570-4551 cell

Please let me  know if you plan to attend

Thank you for your help,

Jim Hirsch


Mt. Langley Reminder: Payments due this Tuesday

From Scoutmaster Shaw

As announced at last week’s meeting, the final payment of $75 is due at this week’s troop meeting, 19 June, for all those going on this trip.  The dates for the Mt. Langley trip are 13-16 July.  The total cost estimate for the trip is $100 and there was an initial $25 deposit way back in February when we had to secure the Wilderness Permits.  Please contact me with any questions.

Mandatory Meeting Philmont

From Scoutmaster Shaw

There will be a meeting for *ALL* Philmont participants during Tuesday night’s troop meeting, June 19th @ 7:30 PM @ St. Mark’s Church.  At least one parent is encouraged to attend. Scouts should already be attending the troop meeting.  This will be a short meeting where we will discuss: 1) what scouts should (and should NOT) bring with them to Philmont, 2) what will be expected of all scouts at Philmont, 3) our travel plans to and from Philmont and 4) forms that are in need of completion (i.e. Health Forms).  I will be handing out information pamphlets from Philmont and answering any questions.  If for some reason you will not be able to attend: 1) Please let me know, 2) Make sure you are completing the new 2011/2012 Health Forms during your physicals and 3) Let me know when you will be available as I plan to hold additional meetings as we get closer to our departure date of 28 July.   The final payment for Philmont of $380 is due on the 2nd of July.

Car Wash on Saturday (Eagle Project Fundraiser) – 9:30 AM

ImagePlease help Kevin S. raise money for his Eagle Project this Saturday. He is holding a car wash from 9:30 to 2:30 at Grace Lutheran Church 3869 State Street (right next to the north entrance to the La Cumbre mall).

He needs both washers (scouts who volunteer will receive community service hours for their time) and something to wash, so bring your car, truck, or van by, it probably needs a wash!

Any donations or help will be greatly appreciated!

Any questions, please email Kevin at

Summer Camp Meeting Tomorrow (June 6): 7PM at the church. All Summer Camp Goers REQUIRED!!!

From Mr. Stewart:

Reminder: There is a meeting for *ALL* summer camp participants tomorrow, Wednesday June 6th @ 7 PM @ St. Mark’s Church. This will hopefully be a fairly short meeting where we will discuss:

1) what scouts should (and should NOT) bring with them to camp,

2) what will be expected of all scouts at camp,

3) forms that are in need of completion (i.e. Health Forms, Shooting Form, Glider Ride, etc…).

The final topic of the evening will be transportation logistics. I have managed to corner a few adults with regards to driving to/from camp, but we need more seats! Hopefully those I haven’t already pounced upon have just been waiting for this meeting to let me know that, of course, you can drive. In all seriousness, summer camp only works with the generous, selfless and stoic commitment of the parents of the troop. I always strive to only ask parents to drive one way (either to or from); the more volunteers I have, the easier this is.

If for some reason you will not be able to attend:

1) Please let me know,

2) Make an arrangement to get all necessary form to me ASAP,

3) Let me know which way(s) you are available to drive. See what i did there? I just volunteered you to drive via your absence.


Asst. Scoutmaster Stewart

Reimbursement Request Form now online


If you need to be reimbursed for troop expenses, the Check Request Form is now available in the downloads section of the website, or alternatively, here.

Eagle Court of Honor, Ben T.

Join Troop 26 this week as we celebrate yet another Eagle. Ben T.’s Eagle Court of Honor, held in recognition of his grand achievement, will be held this Tuesday, June 5, in the Chapel. We will meet at 6:40 (for scouts, 7:00 for guests).

Azure Pools and Epic Falls

Last week, 41 members of Troop 26 traveled to Arizona for a spectacular half week trip to Havasu falls. While the true beauty of the canyon cannot be captured by any means, our troop photographer Aaron D. took it upon himself as a challenge to record the beauties we saw. Please find his gallery here.
If the link does not work for you, copy and past the following URL into your web browser:

Enjoy the photos!

Greenbar Notes (3/19)


Here are the notes from tonight’s Greenbar Meeting:


Havasupai is this weekend. Please make sure you are ready and prepared. We have lots of food in the scout room, so please look through our stash before buying new food. Additionally, if you have your own tent or stove, and are willing to use it this weekend, please alert your patrol leader. We might be a little bit short of some troop gear, so this will help greatly.

Because of Spring break, there will be no meeting on Tuesday, 3/27.

This quarter will end on 3/31. Try to make a last minute push to get second place if your not a Fox.

There will be a work day on Saturday, 4/7. This will count towards day hike participation. Please be there.
Round table is on Thursday, 4/12. This is not required.
Campore is fast approaching. In preparation, please assemble your uniforms and attach all required patches. Also, please be thinking about the scout skills. We will be reviewing most over the next few weeks.
We will have at least one uniform check in April, possibly more. These will count for points, so make sure you are ready.
There will be a Court of Honor on Tuesday, April 24. If you are interested in being Master of Ceremonies (required for communications merit badge), please contact SPL.
We may make the may back packing trip longer for the older scouts. More will come.

Finally, some longer term announcements:
Philmont goers will have to meet to decide on a trek. We need to know which trek we prefer before April 4, so please be thinking about this. You can find the treks on line, but we should also be getting books soon. On a similar note, please keep track of your participation. It will be very important. If you need make up participation, contact the SPL or the Scoutmaster.

If you are interested in being webmaster next term, please be in touch with me. It’s awesome!

If you have anything you would like to share with the community, please contact me and it can be posted online.
Thank you to those who came to the district dinner. Your help was greatly appreciated.

That’s all for me. See you at the meeting tomorrow!

Welcome Post

Hi all! Our troop historian will submit to me his trip logs so we can publish them to the world. We go on weekend day hikes, overnight backpacking, and long term (+7 days) trips in the Sierra Mountain range, various rivers, and scout camps across the western United States. Come back for our first (real) post soon.