Summer Camp Meeting Tomorrow (June 6): 7PM at the church. All Summer Camp Goers REQUIRED!!!

From Mr. Stewart:

Reminder: There is a meeting for *ALL* summer camp participants tomorrow, Wednesday June 6th @ 7 PM @ St. Mark’s Church. This will hopefully be a fairly short meeting where we will discuss:

1) what scouts should (and should NOT) bring with them to camp,

2) what will be expected of all scouts at camp,

3) forms that are in need of completion (i.e. Health Forms, Shooting Form, Glider Ride, etc…).

The final topic of the evening will be transportation logistics. I have managed to corner a few adults with regards to driving to/from camp, but we need more seats! Hopefully those I haven’t already pounced upon have just been waiting for this meeting to let me know that, of course, you can drive. In all seriousness, summer camp only works with the generous, selfless and stoic commitment of the parents of the troop. I always strive to only ask parents to drive one way (either to or from); the more volunteers I have, the easier this is.

If for some reason you will not be able to attend:

1) Please let me know,

2) Make an arrangement to get all necessary form to me ASAP,

3) Let me know which way(s) you are available to drive. See what i did there? I just volunteered you to drive via your absence.


Asst. Scoutmaster Stewart