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August Newsletter

Hopefully all the smelly scouts returning from Philmont have showered by now. The August 2012 Newsletter is now available. There will be no meeting this Tuesday, but Greenbar members are required to meet at normal meeting time and place for a calendar planning session.


Greenbar Cancelled (7/23)

The Greenbar meeting scheduled for tomorrow, July 23, has been canceled by Scoutmaster Shaw.

Given the only troop meeting in August is after the August Greenbar meeting, I’m cancelling tomorrow night’s July Greenbar meeting so I can focus on final planning for the Philmont trip. Please contact me with any questions and, in case they don’t read this email, let your fellow Greenbar members know the meeting is canceled.

-Scoutmaster Shaw

The regular Tuesday night meeting will be held as usual, in preparation for our trip to Philmont.

Greenbar Notes (5/21)


Please keep track of participation. Some scouts have not yet met the 60% requirement. Failure to achieve this participation may affect eligibility for summer activities (Philmont, Sierra Trek, Mt. Langley).

Please congratulate Aaron for achieving the high honor of One Thousand Mile Hiker (1,016 to be exact).

Elections will be held on July 3. In order to be elected, you must be present at the meeting that night.

Grub Masters: Please ensure that the SPL checks your menu before camp outs and keep to the menu. Some have been changing their menus and are not packing enough food. In addition, please keep track of food costs and bill your members. This way we can all keep each other accountable for food content and price.

Finally, a note to those who wish to succeed: Ya gottawannadoit!!

Greenbar Notes (3/19)


Here are the notes from tonight’s Greenbar Meeting:


Havasupai is this weekend. Please make sure you are ready and prepared. We have lots of food in the scout room, so please look through our stash before buying new food. Additionally, if you have your own tent or stove, and are willing to use it this weekend, please alert your patrol leader. We might be a little bit short of some troop gear, so this will help greatly.

Because of Spring break, there will be no meeting on Tuesday, 3/27.

This quarter will end on 3/31. Try to make a last minute push to get second place if your not a Fox.

There will be a work day on Saturday, 4/7. This will count towards day hike participation. Please be there.
Round table is on Thursday, 4/12. This is not required.
Campore is fast approaching. In preparation, please assemble your uniforms and attach all required patches. Also, please be thinking about the scout skills. We will be reviewing most over the next few weeks.
We will have at least one uniform check in April, possibly more. These will count for points, so make sure you are ready.
There will be a Court of Honor on Tuesday, April 24. If you are interested in being Master of Ceremonies (required for communications merit badge), please contact SPL.
We may make the may back packing trip longer for the older scouts. More will come.

Finally, some longer term announcements:
Philmont goers will have to meet to decide on a trek. We need to know which trek we prefer before April 4, so please be thinking about this. You can find the treks on line, but we should also be getting books soon. On a similar note, please keep track of your participation. It will be very important. If you need make up participation, contact the SPL or the Scoutmaster.

If you are interested in being webmaster next term, please be in touch with me. It’s awesome!

If you have anything you would like to share with the community, please contact me and it can be posted online.
Thank you to those who came to the district dinner. Your help was greatly appreciated.

That’s all for me. See you at the meeting tomorrow!

Greenbar Notes (2/27)


These are notes and announcements from the Greenbar meeting of February 27:

Please bring back all gear from the weekend trip. It is important that we get everything back, especially since we have many big trips coming up, namely Havasupai. Also, start thinking about menu plans for spring break.

Scouting for Food is coming up this weekend (March 3) and next weekend (March 10). Pick up this year will be a bit different. We will be carrying the food from the church to the food bank, so bring your backpacks and make sure they’re empty. This will count as participation for day hikes. Please find out if you can help before the next troop meeting so we can get an estimate of how much we can do.

OA elections will be held next week, Tuesday 6. To be voted for, you must be both eligible (ask yoda) and present at the meeting.

Roundtable is Thursday, March 8. Troop 26 will be presenting the orienteering station for campore. This is not a required event.

The District Dinner will be held on March 16. We will likely be holding a flag ceremony. If you are interested please talk to the SPL.

Philmont: We will be deciding on the specific trek in the next 2 weeks. If you are going, see the SPL to look through the trek guide from last time.

Come to the meeting tomorrow.